Sunday, August 19, 2012

TrevorCopter: REBIRTH

I got fired two months ago.

That's not the point of this post, but it is what started a return to TrevorCopter. Since the new year started, I unofficially set TC aside. I focused on doing a weekly strip for the CSULA newspaper and, when I got around to it, online comics for Restoring Truthiness and The Best Damn Nerd Show.

But then, I got fired. And over the past two months, I have been re-evaluating my life goals. One of those is pursuing comics and, specifically, TrevorCopter. The weekend after I was let go, I went to Rite-Aid and got a little notebook. That Friday afternoon, I sat down at a Starbucks and started drawing TC characters. After a few pages, I decided that I would dedicate this notebook solely to TrevorCopter. No non-TC Teddy cartoons or A@L ideas, just Trevor, The Copter and adventure. Since June 15th, the cast has expanded to nearly 40 characters (Main Cast, recurring and one-offs) and over 60 story ideas, with the first 6 (starting with the ever-in-production "The Deadly Introductions," which has now been fully planned out) forming the foundation of the world and taking on the name "Welcome Aboard!"

"Welcome Aboard!" will consist of the follow story lines:

The Deadly Introductions
The first story that brings TrevorCopter out of retirement to save President Rubester's dog

The Trevor Gala
Following TrevorCopter's triumphant return, a gala is held in his honor and everyone attends (except Trevor, who completely forgets about it)

Exotic Locale Love Story
Trevor, The Copter and Teddy are invited to the Mediterranean villa of Antoine, The Copter's creator. There, Teddy and The Copter begin their friendship and Trevor falls in love.

Around the World in 80 Strips
Trevor and eccentric billionaire Wallaby J. Cinnamon go one of their pre-planned "gentlemen adventures:" a balloon race around the world.

The TrevorCopter Flim-Flam
TrevorCopter returns to his hometown, Ruby Cove, and discovers that evil businessman, Lucar Scorpio, has purchased nearly the whole town. Trevor and the gang pull an elaborate con to take it back.

Trevor's evil twin brother, Trey, takes it upon himself to destroy Trevor by turning everyone against him.

Over these stories, we'll meet Trevor's family: his dad Dr. Jerry, his mom Robo-Becky, his butler Teddy the Bear, younger sister, Cait, and his evil twin brother, Trey. We'll meet his loves: the mysterious Ava Kyle, the charming Lana Watson, professional socialite Debbie, and his (possible) true love, Mallory. And of course, we'll meet his allies (Agent Hawke and his brother Sheriff Hawke; Antoine, The Copter's creator; The Rubester, President of the United States; Wallaby J. Cinnamon, eccentric billionaire I. Ian Iverson III, Editor of The Ruby News Day; Parker Johnson, photographer with a secret and Peanut Jim, mayor of Ruby Cove, Trevor's hometown) and his enemies (Dr. Neil Monkey, The Vice President, Lucar Scorpio, StanCopter and a few more unknown adversaries).

Working in this notebook made me realize the true potential of TrevorCopter. I'm glad that I started the strip when I did (which was over a year ago now), but also glad that I didn't work through it. Even now, I look at the incompleteness of the 22 strips on this site and know that it was going in a completely different direction, one that would not have been able to bring these ideas and characters to life. The world needed to sit while it grew into something much bigger than it was going to be a year ago. My art needed to catch up to be able to capture the light spirit of this world.

And with that, I wanted to share some sketches from the notebook. This is the first peak into the new world of TrevorCopter.

Agent Hawke
Trevor and CopterTrevor

Trevor as The Crow

Trevor's dad, Dr. Jerry

I. Ian Iverson III., Editor of The Ruby News Day

(Princess) Mallory

Trevor's mom, Robo-Becky

Spider Hero: MENACE

The Vice President and his assistant, Matilda

Col. Hawke, Head of ARMOR

Lana Watson begins a press conference

Spider Hero being a menace

The lovely Ava Kyle and her companion, Luann the Bear

Parker Johnson, photographer for The Ruby News Day and Spider Hero, public menace 

The Copter Brigade (Clockwise from top left: Francoise, Trevor, StanCopter, Cait)

Teddy and Trevor perform a daring act

The Rubester and Teddy the Bear

Teddy gets caught eating a cake

Teddy, Ava and Lana lounging at The Trevor Pool

Trevor as Ronald McDonald


So, I'll ask again. Stay tuned, Copter Crew.

We shall fly again...

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