Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When I first came up with TC, there was one thing that I knew I wanted to do. In old comics, the captions were always very stylized (lettering in general was very stylized back then, something I am working on for the strip). But the captions always had a strong look to them that I liked. Below is an old Dick Tracy Sunday comic that illustrates exactly what I'm saying.

Look at the captions...

Anyway, I always liked that gumshoe, big/bold opening letter and wanted to get it in TC. Unfortunately, my skills weren't up to the task the first go around. But, with re-starting the strip, this was one of my top priorities when I got back into it. So, as a little preview, I wanted to show Strip 2 from the original run and again with the planned caption (which is still a work-in-progress)


Now, all I need to do is work on lettering in general!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Trevor Keeps It Classy

The best way to come up with an idea is to just draw. Charles Schulz taught me that. And some of the best stuff I've come up with has been through that. Just doodling and lightning strikes. I got a whole strip out of this little drawing (itself just meant to be a practice Trevor). A gentleman will be talking (probably to Teddy), commenting on the classy party they are at and that Teddy should conduct himself with dignity. Then Trevor enters and proclaims "Shots?" I don't know where it'll find its place, but this panel will be done sometime. Wonder when...