Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When I first came up with TC, there was one thing that I knew I wanted to do. In old comics, the captions were always very stylized (lettering in general was very stylized back then, something I am working on for the strip). But the captions always had a strong look to them that I liked. Below is an old Dick Tracy Sunday comic that illustrates exactly what I'm saying.

Look at the captions...

Anyway, I always liked that gumshoe, big/bold opening letter and wanted to get it in TC. Unfortunately, my skills weren't up to the task the first go around. But, with re-starting the strip, this was one of my top priorities when I got back into it. So, as a little preview, I wanted to show Strip 2 from the original run and again with the planned caption (which is still a work-in-progress)


Now, all I need to do is work on lettering in general!

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